About Us

Acute Groups was initially started in the year 2009,
and Started by some Aspirational, hardworking and techy guys, what made these Aspirants and sages to start a company is a big question? Its foresight thinking of changing the complete environment in to technology enabled by taking up e-business, e-governance and technology as service, Acute groups consist of a future spotter and trend setter; a story of vision, speed, consolidation and operational excellence.

Acute groups groups has the ability to deliver leading-edge solutions is in bringing together highly talented people who are able to challenge conventional thoughts, offer different perspectives and innovative ideas. Our experts are updated with the latest technology development in the software domain and build futuristic software applications.

Acute groups is 5 yrs old company and it has stretched its hands through various domain moving towards their goal of complete IT transformations


# Acute Groups was initially started, and firm Acute Carrier Development is registered in August 2009
# In the year 2010 December, Acute Carrier Development was upgraded with another branch namely Acute Technologies & Solutions as a dream to provide the corporate world with innovative and complete solutions
# In 2011 January ATS also undertakes online projects and has gained reputation overseas. International clients are satisfied with ATS sincere and dedicated work.
# In year 2011 May we have launched our first cloud based solution acting as cutting edge technology

# In year 2012Januaryacute group entered into the Infrastructure services for corporate and education oriented clients
# In Mid 2012 Acute group has expanded its outsourcing technology specialist and business expertise
# In 2013 February Acute group has pitched in for a wide expansion of business via looks into increase business and employee


VISION: Changing the complete environment into technology based, as a start by right education to students in technology, leadership and brings more intellect Bigger Change in a Bigger Way Start from Students.....

MISSION: To achieve and stabilize as a complete product development company by providing services to our clients as combined package of hardware, software solution.